Wednesday, January 16, 2013

2013 Big Year!

 Well its now 2013! Hard to believe, 10 years ago i graduated from high school. I even had hair and had a well sculpted body. As this year rings in i'm getting excited for lots of change and new beginnings. To start.. my most beloved Seattle Seahawks amazed not only all of us 12th man fans. They amazed the nation! Something so little couldn't possibly make anyone that happy right? It makes me very very happy! Love football and bleed blue and green! Go Hawks!

 Now for the fun stuff Taylor and I will be together 2 years this May. and engaged for a full year come May! than we will only have a handful of months till our wedding. Cant wait to start our dream together. We our currently wedding planning and doing as much as we can with the money we have but everything is coming along nicely.

 Anyways just wanted to leave an update but things are going great and so many changes will be happening this year and we look forward to sharing them all with everyone. God Bless.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Taylor.... The Women Of My Dreams!

where ever i've been , where ever i go, you must know its always been you
No one compares, or has ever come close to how i feel about you
I spent years looking in all the wrong places forcing myself to try and be happy with different faces
Slowly i learned from each and every heart break exactly what it would take to be your man

Wish i could have done things differently but that was all part of the plan
the man above was preparing me so one day i could take your hand
To say your amazing doesnt do you justice, you are so perfect in every way
Your beauty and smile is far beyond anything i could compare.

Its always been you , its always been me, Im glad i dont have to search any longer
For what i have found is the women of my dreams
No longer see the past, only see the present and the treasures that the future waits to cast
It will be amazing with you by my side, I am truly blessed you have changed my life
Simply said and simply done, its only three words ..... I love you!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

No Title

The years keep passing, The days and nights grow shorter.
The summers just a gasp of air, the winters hold tight with its frozen fingers.
How much longer will i search, When will i know where i am?
How will i know im there? Is there a defining moment ain ones life to know you have found it.

It being happiness, humble, promise and truth. Will the sunshine upon my face?
Will the world glow or stop in time and for a moment just be me embracing this new place?
Is it wrong to always dream? Hope for more than everything you have had?
Not more than your means but more to know who you are and where you belong.

Right when you think you know who you are you realize theres still so much more to you,
That hasnt been discovered yet. I feel lost just wading in time. Never knowing what it is that i am supposed to find.
I can feel it its deep inside maybe its completely letting go and letting everyone inside. For this feeling scares me because I have been one to always embrace the unknown. But for now my head spins like the cosmicly unknown.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Man of Steel

You are my Superman, The man of steel.
You bend but never break.
You walk it off and never complain.
You walk strong even if the world around you is crumbling.
You have always been the epitome of strong.
You have always been my hero and the rock in my life.
The one i know who is there no matter what.
You re-create yourself stronger than before.
People can only imagine the life and the walk that you have taken this far.
Pure of heart always doing what you thought was best.
For that you cant fault you were being your own man.
Proud to call you my dad, my father, my hero, my Superman.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Its Wednesday!!!!!!!! yeah yeah yeah yeah! You know what that means?! Its hump day! Woooooo! Great day if your getting your HUMP ON!!! that I WILL not be participating in on a day such as today! Today i went for a run and well I did run. It was not easy but i managed i did have to stop a few times but hey its like the second time i tried all year.

The weather has been nuts. It has rained, snowed, been sunny, Now its overcast and grey! Think this weather is a lil bipolar.I have Lost 28 lbs so far on this current weight loss but i dont think i have been this motivated since i was in high school. It really is a great feeling. I got a video from britt today that had kambrie saying uncle Gerty over and over it was awesome it really put a smile and warmth in my heart. I have been down the last couple days cause of a lil broken heartedness. Thats why i am just swearing off love all together lol If that mythical thing is going to find me its going to have to pass through hell fire and brim stone cause well im just not looking for it and my luck with it is close to shit lol.

If i was in baseball I would be batting .000 thats how good my ratio is. I guess i did get married once but also divorced so i guess that may put me in the negative column haha.Its all good im much happier single. I like that when you are single married people think they have all the answers. Everyones situation is different but they dont understand that!. Anyways its Katies birfday so we are going out to eat at ihop so hopefully they do have some healthy food items on the menu. But i have to run, So TTFN!!!!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

2011.... Old Garrett Gone

Well its been a minute since i have actually posted whats going on! To be honest alot is gone on, and nothing is going on alot! 2011! can you believe it? I know i cant. I remember spray painting 2000 on the fence outside our town homes. Crazy how time fly's! I will turn 27 this year, here in a few months. Kind of a scary thought honestly, But exciting at the same time. In 2011 so far what i have learned or have done is find some damn motivation. I started the HCG diet and yes i have heard all sorts of stuff about it. You know what I really dont give a shit what other people say about it so far i have lost 27 lbs! I'm on day 24 and along with the weight loss i have felt life changes within myself. And much needed. have made a choice to be healthier and stop my old habits. I am as of today decided to start developing a business model and plan for the company i want to create.

2011 has been fun and frustrating, disappointing and aggravating with a dash of heart breaking. Its really true that alot of people for better or for worse leave footprints and imprints on our hearts and more so on are souls. I had the chance to spend 10 days with an most amazing individual. She has been a blessing to my life and i hope that we have years of friendship in our future. She is a bright person and has a spirit about her that everyone just falls in love with. Where would i be this year with out her i have no clue. I will figure that out as i will be making my journey with out her because we have decided to just remain friends. But my heart will always beat dearly for her. YOU are AMAZING dont EVER FORGET THAT!!!!! (yes im yelling jukebox)!!!!

I have applied at a few more destination jobs so maybe one will come through. I do have intentions to play semi- pro football next year. So i am determined to lose more weight and get some muscle bulk back on me and DO WORK! I really have a great life even though im unemployed and have no vehicle lol But none the less i love my life family and friends and thats all that matters anyways!

Sunday, April 3, 2011


We lye here tonight, Brush the hair from your sleepless eyes.
Watch the moon glisten through the raindrops on the window pain.

Gentle moments, Simple wishes, Caught in this moment. One so rare.
A heart will break, I will be there, try to comfort the simple undoing.

Tears will fall leaving a trail of memories running down your cheek.
With one wipe, you soak away all the little moments.

The smile is a mask, your pain can be seen far beyond. The let down you really cant burry.

Kiss your cheek, Slowly say goodbye for this is the last moment of our memories that you will cry.